wedding photos

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the photography:
weddings are delicate matters that should be taken seriously. especially when you are the hired photographer. i enjoy photographing weddings. they are truly celebrations of family and friends and of each other. they are almost always full of personal and group outpourings of emotion. there is inevitably some gorgeous older lady in the corner who is crying her eyes out with tears of joy. it’s usually someone’s grandmother. weddings are perfect for portraits. they are also perfect for practicing your photojournalism skills.

the music:
man oh man… what can i say about justin vernon that hasn’t been said a thousand times in the indie press. i met justin 3 years ago when he was the front man for deyarmond edison. it was deyarmond’s last tour before they imploded and called it quits as a band. that night they played a show at the fort in front of something like 30 people. it was a special night indeed that will be a shiny moment in my personal history. justin spent the afternoon warming up by strumming my old 50’s harmony archtop in the corner singing softly to himself. sigh, swoon, sigh.

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