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the photography:
What can I say about Las Vegas that hasn’t already been said, filmed, studied, photographed, lit on fire, drank, snorted, and puked? It’s a place that brings out strong emotions in everyone. In the vein of Vegas, i’ll just say that it’s a crap shoot. love, elation, fear, drunk… is drunk an emotion?

for me? i felt despair. i know that sounds sappy but it’s true. Vegas would be the perfect place for me to go if i wanted to end it all and go out in a blaze of glory. don’t get me wrong, i like Vegas. but it makes me feel like i’ve hit rock bottom and this will be my last hurrah.

that sounds all dark and horrible but it really is the truth. under the glitz and glam and the utter beauty of the strip is a desert waiting to claim your life. it’s pretty amazing how comfortable it was to walk alone for more than 4 hours with my camera. but i was really happy to be working and heading home.

also, sorry i’ve been offline for so long. i launched a new website called it’s chalk full of car porn. also, i’ve got a 9 month old who needs more attention right now than my blog. but believe me… i’ll be back in the swing of things soon enough. thanks for being patient.

the music:
oh my dirty dirty dirty ditties. sure the indie blues kings have gone major label but that’s awesome for them. their music hasn’t changed a bit. sure it’s a little more polished in places but my god have they made a point of making it dirtier and dirtier and grittier and grittier. this tune might be my favorite breakup song right now. i wish i could have written this song about a lot of my friend’s exes. it’s all about accepting that your next experience better not be like your current/last one. oh lord, i feel yer pain…

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