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the photography:
i’m not sure if i can keep up this torrid pace of posting but i’ve got the fire. so why not? for a while, my friend james and i ran an art studio space in cicero, illinois that we aptly dubbed, The Fort. we held concerts there, had a skateboarding halfpipe, and it was a place where we kept all of our musical instruments so at 4:30 pm on the dot, we could grab our drum sticks, turn the amps on, and make some noise. todd is a mannequin. when we started the fort, todd had two eyes and no holes in his head. by the time we closed the door on the fort, todd was missing the back half of his plastic skull and both eyes were missing from inside his face. todd never had legs or arms. but he does have an 8 pack. my old roommate placed the tape over todd’s nipples. this is todd.

the music:
blonde redhead have been around a while now. this record is almost ten years old and it really stands the test of time. i think it is the pinnacle of their music career with some of the best early “ought’s” indie rock from NYC. don’t get me wrong, other blonde redhead records are quite good in their own right but this one is my favorite. syncopated and pretty with a touch of otherworldly. the voices on this record are so flipping pretty and when they are paired with precise guitar lines and back beats, they become a floating vocal layer that peels and covers the music with ever turn. perfect.

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