taking the day off

dublin bus station

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taking the day off and walking around the streets of chicago is one of my favorite pastimes. the city is so manageable by foot and with public transportation you can get pretty much everywhere you want to be. today’s photo is from the bus station in dublin. i was wandering around the docks a couple of days after christmas this past year. it was overcast and 40 degrees which is perfect for walking around the city without feeling too hot or too cold (it’s also perfect weather for photographing cars btw). when i visit different parts of the world i try to capture wide screen photos of daily life. if you missed the trip in person, these photos make for a boring slide show but i really enjoy the snapshots as they are my little ode to the slices of life that i witness; a guide book for where we were. the music today is the uprights. they are my friend Vann’s band and this is one of their more recent demos. it’s smooth and bright indie rock with a touch of programmed drums, echoing layered guitars, and some floaty vocals. perfect for a 50 degree day off in the midwest in march.

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