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50 Portraits – 1

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the photography:

Portrait #1 is vann.

i am going to start a project right here and now. this will be the first of 50 portraits. this will be an ongoing thread so you can see the updates as they come in via clicking on the category, “50 Portraits”. my first subject is vann. he hates getting his picture taken. well. tough cookies. i got him to stand still for about 5 seconds. i always love the oddball portrait that you can throw into the mix whether it be out of focus, non-traditionally framed, or what have you. the focus of the last photo is not vann’s mid-section (as he thinks) but rather the two people behind him waiting to cross the street. i like that one.

check back soon to find more 50 Portraits posts. i’ll be posting at least 2 a week if not more.

the music:
i have been waiting for this record for a long time. it is finally in my hands. and i am so happy. i know that heavy metal music has never been a badge that i have worn in public (other than when i want to prove just how vermont i am to other vermonters) but this record and this band are quite unstoppable. quite. if you like melodic metal, this is for you.