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as soon as i get some serious time to spend (at least a couple of un-interupted hours) i will start to post photo sessions from the far past and from the recent past. this photo blog was created so people could enjoy photos from my archives. the blog also allows me to take a good strong look at the work i have done in the past which helps me make decisions about my work in the future. it’s cathartic. i take thousands of pictures a year. it’s nice to slow down every once in a while and look through them one by one.

looking back at 30

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in the summer of 2006, my wife was working for the television program, Antiques Roadshow. the perks of such a job meant that i got to travel with them to film on location in hawaii. these photos are from the island of oahu where it is cheaper to abandon your car than it is to take it to the junk yard. many of these photos are from the middle of the island surrounded by pineapple plantations. the photos reflect the disparity of up-island living and not the glitz and glam of honolulu. these photos first appeared in a solo show called Dead Oahu.