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Farnsworth House II

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the photography:

As I mentioned in the last post, The Farnsworth House is an architectural legend. Designed and built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the house is, simply, an icon.

In my last post I showed off images from the interior of the Farnsworth House. Today’s images are a mixture of exterior shots of the house and photos from the set of the Japanese commercial shoot. It was a rather prolific shoot for me as there was always something to look at and different angles to decipher. It was such a great experience as a whole and the amount of excellent photos = many.

Not only did I get to hang inside and outside of said icon, I also got to see a RED camera up close and personal. Combined with a SuperTechno 50 crane, the TV commercial side of the shoot was amazing. What a crazy combination of cool devices. A tip of the hat to A.J. Rickert-Epstein (featured at the helm of the RED controls). He’s a fantastic Director of Photography with an impressive aesthetic eye.

This entire experience was splendid to say the least.

the music:

Alright. Silversun Pickups is one of my guilty guilty guilty pleasures. They have picked up where various ‘Oceans of Guitars’ styled bands left off. One that comes to mind as far as sonic intensity is the Champaign, Illinois indie greats, Hum.

While garnering quality radio play with this single, SSPU has solidified themselves to have at least a couple more records paid for and released by the underdogs at Dangerbird Records. Hook laden shoegaze is hard to come by but this quartet really knows how to put the elements together.

In most shoe gaze bands, a two guitar drone would lead the attack but the SSPU’s employ a keyboardist who fills in the gaps with gigantic blips and chords. But the secret weapon in SSPU arsenal is their bass player, Nikki Monninger. My god. She belongs in the ‘Female Vocal Hall of Fame’ right next to Kim Deal. Right around the 4:29 mark Nikki’s voice overpowers this song and wrestles it to the ground. She really ties the room together.

Farnsworth House

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the photography:

The Farnsworth House is an architectural legend. Designed and built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe himself, the house is a living icon to American creation and ingenuity. A while back I was lucky enough to not only get to visit the house and was given carte blanche by the preservation society that oversees it but some Japanese businessmen decided it was a good idea to pay me to photograph it. I don’t have enough time on the train ride home to make this scenario up. Japanese businessmen.

The project came about because a friend of mine from LA was hired to shoot the house for a Japanese real estate commercial. They needed a still photographer for a print ad that would accompany the commercial. Plano, Illinois is not exactly the easiest place in the world to get to.

In a word, the Farnsworth House is ‘Exquisite’. It is the envy of all architects and industrial designers across the world. This set of interior images were the closest I have come to perfection, not with the images themselves but with where they were shot. I love love love the way this house looks, smells, breathes, etc. The floors produce radiant heat. It was a pleasure just to wear socks and slip around with a tripod for the 35 minutes I received inside. It was calm and beautiful. I will post more photos from the shoot and of the exterior later on. For now, just revel in the awesome that is Farnsworth House.

SIDE NOTE. I was given such a small window of time inside this house and I was pretty much allowed to touch nothing. This meant that I had to make due with the natural lighting that was given to me. Which is how I would like to do it. But I was not allowed to choose which time I would be able to take the photos. If it were up to me? We’d be in there at 7:30 am when the light outside would be perfection. Did I mention it’s a glass house?! I think it works. Emily Gilbert is totally going to critique the hell out of it…

the music:

Calexico is one of those niche indie bands that everyone will tell you they like. Mixing the best of classic Tex-Mex music with some down-home indie rock, Calexico has mutated from one sound to the next without losing their authenticity or their Arizona roots. It’s been a wild ride.

Calexico members have had their share of indie rock greatness while in Giant Sand w/Howe Gelb and in forming the great Friends of Dean Martinez. This EP shows off their musical chops. Especially in this SPOT-ON rendition of the Love classic 1967 track.