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50 Portraits – 4

| currently listening to: Who’s That Knocking, Pajo, 1968, 2006 | LINK

the photography:

Portrait #4 is matt.

what can i say. matt’s jacket is cool. as we were out walking we decided we would retrace a couple of the steps from ferris bueller’s day off (the parade scene to be exact). we stopped outside the gigantic red sculpture and snapped these shots. on the way there, we tried in vain to remember the word “mosaic” as in “hey, we should go to those steps by the chase building where they filmed that dance sequence from ferris bueller”. “oh, right, those stairs by the Marc Chagall tile thing, what are those called again?”. “It’s not a tapestry…. but something like that”. “yeah, yeah… but tapestries are only made of woven materials”. “right, right… crap. i forget art history”.

mosaic. a tile mosaic.

the music:
david pajo goes by many names, papa, papa-m, pajo, or david pajo. he was in the revered band, slint and he has been a member of various bands since including the palace brothers, and tortoise. this record sounds like pajo discovered elliot smith a couple of years too late. the music swings between beautiful and wretched and beautiful again. this track was probably the best kept secret of 2006 on an album that few people even listened to after they bought it.