photos of graffiti

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the photography:
there are so many ways to express yourself with art. since the late 1970’s, spray paint graffiti in the urban sprawls of america has come to mean so many different things to so many different groups, positive and negative. the newest crop of artists are developing and deploying new methods of communication via the traditional paint on wall. freehand spraying skills of the past have morphed into more traditional graphic design elements with the creation of stencils and the use of one or two colors. fine artists are getting in on the act and using the decayed walls of our cities to protest, show off art, make statements, and above all, as canvas’. i am so down with photos of graffiti. the first two photos are from the near south side of chicago. or as the developers call it, the south loop. the third is from dublin.

the music:
explosions in the sky are a singer-less four piece from austin texas who rose to fame scoring the movie, friday night lights (and subsequently the tv show with the same name). their echo and delay laden guitar attack is driven by a pounding rhythm section. etheral soundscapes fill the down tempos and their build-it-up only to break-it-down mentality makes this instrumental band fun to listen to. take a listen if you have never heard them. it’s post rock at it’s best.

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