one block radius

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the photography:
during my down time during the week i sometimes sneak away and walk around the block. alleyways and the people that inhabit them are a couple of my favorite subjects. i have walked up and down this one alley a couple of dozen times and every time i see something new that i had missed from the walk before. three dozen dumpsters line this alleyway and more than four major office buildings, a dozen restaurants, and one very large parking garage supply it’s ever growing trash piles. when you have as much garbage truck traffic as this alley has seen, you are bound to look different every day of the year. it never ceases to amaze me.

the music:
from the small metropolis of champaign illinois, the foursome known as Hum have made a large impact on the sound of a generation of rock and rollers whether they know it or not. large chords, blistering amplifiers, and sci-fi nerds meets graphic novel lyrics stuck in space made this band a “must have” in any collection of 1990’s alternative rock. you may know this song from the newest cadillac CTS car commercial with kate walsh. this is the song that comes crashing in when she’s done talking about the car “turning her on”. sweet.

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