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the photography:
sorting through old negatives is always a blast. i haven’t done it in a while but these couple of strips are from two very impressionable times in my life when i really wanted to be a budding photographer. the black and white shots are from my senior year in college when i was trying to impress my teacher by finding the prettiest girl i knew to look hot. it actually was pretty fun. we spent the afternoon in my living room with some very yellow, hot, and above all cheap(!) lighting from home depot before i decided that the photo shoot needed to be moved outside on the fire escape and on the roof. i got a B+ on the assignment. errica was a trooper. she’s done really well in new york as a musician. she’s friends with my wife.

the color photos are from my second incarnation as a budding photographer. i spent the better part of the three years after college taking classes at mass art, the only truly stand alone higher education public art school in the country. it was a fantastic couple of years. i had the best time using the school’s color lab, their 20″ x 24″ polaroid camera, and i met some crazy people in my art history class. i was working full time so my free time was spent taking evening classes. these photos are from my final piece for color photography III titled, “the artists i know: portraits”. it was a fruitless exhibit but a bunch of the photos stand the test of time. at least in my eyes. plus, it was a blast to work on.

the music:
what a ground breaking record karate’s s/t LP was. this music opened my eyes (more so than the pixies) to the local music scene in boston. i bought a used copy when i was a record dj in college and it really changed my idea of what independent music really was. it also fueled my love of the “post rock” sound.

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