macro via extension tubes

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the photography:
“I’ve also noticed that you tend to favor the landscape/horizontal format, twist that bad girl 90 degrees every once in a while . . .” my friend bones wrote this in a note to me not too long ago. he’s right. i spend so much time photographing cars (a very horizontal shape indeed) that i almost never shoot vertically these days. anyways, i just wanted to add a couple of photos to the blog that were (at the very least) north south and not so much east west. these photos were taken with a tube extension attached between my 24-70mm lens and the body of my camera. the subject is a old voltage/ampage/place-name-here-age meter that i transformed into a lamp.

the extension tube is an interesting and inexpensive piece of equipment that allows for the exact same focal length (even though it extends the lens from the body by about 1/3-1/2 of an inch) but decreases the focal distance. it’s a pretty sweet way to shoot macro photography. the only drawback? you need to be pretty close to the subject to use it. really close.
the music: “we are the proud, the few, the descendents rocking you home tonight”. great music for a slow morning of editing auto photos. just add coffee, turn volume to 11, repeat as needed.

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