little baby erik

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the photography:
i am pretty jealous of my friend Bones. he spent the weekend rolling around the mountains of stratton, vermont, taking pictures of the 27th Annual U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships. that bum… i think i am more jealous because he is spending the winter back in our home state of vermont. it’s amazingly gorgeous. and during this long mid-west winter, i have missed the green mountains more than i thought i ever would. it just so happens that it’s also a fantastic place to spend the days taking photographs. sigh.

but i digress… cath and i spent a wonderful day with our friends who just welcomed (six months ago) a baby boy. we decided that six months is the perfect age for which to celebrate your first photo shoot. erik kept asking for craft services and his mom kept calling someone in wardrobe on her cell phone and yelling at them to bring more bibs. it was, in one word, spectacular. brats and drinks followed. what a great sunday night. soon we’ll be grilling on the back porch watching the el go by.

the music:
there is nothing better than a six month old baby dancing to a (gulp) 15 year old club hit in an adidas jump suit. it was awesome. this song still holds some serious weight when it comes to the end of the gangster rapper as viable creative artist. these days it’s about nothing. back then, it was still about something.

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