fluorescent lighting sucks

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the photography:
fluorescent lighting sucks. especially if you are photographing an area with both natural light and fluorescent light mixed. it drives the color meters on digital camera sensors bananas. the only time i really enjoy fluorescent lights are when the are the only light source (or the major light source) and i am shooting in RAW mode. when you can adjust the very yellow fluorescent lights to be a bit more blue do you finally get to see some incredible effects that the light has on it’s surroundings. i wish every old abandoned industrial warehouse in the world was lit by long tubes of fluorescents.

piles of wiring, ducting, dust, dirt, and metal look utterly fantastic under the glowing yellow that are fluorescent tubes. it helps if you have one long pull string that is hanging from a fixture that is barely holding on for dear life as the long tubes look as if they could fall out of the ceiling and explode on innocent bystanders below. but i’m getting ahead of myself. the worst light in the world is above our heads all the time. you just need to look up and recognize it every now and again. these photos do just that.

the music:
jeez, this band will never be as good as the bands that came before it (braid specifically). but i really like some bits and pieces of this record. this song specifically is full of trite and boring lyrics about people who make art. but it’s pretty awesome.

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