Farnsworth House

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the photography:

The Farnsworth House is an architectural legend. Designed and built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe himself, the house is a living icon to American creation and ingenuity. A while back I was lucky enough to not only get to visit the house and was given carte blanche by the preservation society that oversees it but some Japanese businessmen decided it was a good idea to pay me to photograph it. I don’t have enough time on the train ride home to make this scenario up. Japanese businessmen.

The project came about because a friend of mine from LA was hired to shoot the house for a Japanese real estate commercial. They needed a still photographer for a print ad that would accompany the commercial. Plano, Illinois is not exactly the easiest place in the world to get to.

In a word, the Farnsworth House is ‘Exquisite’. It is the envy of all architects and industrial designers across the world. This set of interior images were the closest I have come to perfection, not with the images themselves but with where they were shot. I love love love the way this house looks, smells, breathes, etc. The floors produce radiant heat. It was a pleasure just to wear socks and slip around with a tripod for the 35 minutes I received inside. It was calm and beautiful. I will post more photos from the shoot and of the exterior later on. For now, just revel in the awesome that is Farnsworth House.

SIDE NOTE. I was given such a small window of time inside this house and I was pretty much allowed to touch nothing. This meant that I had to make due with the natural lighting that was given to me. Which is how I would like to do it. But I was not allowed to choose which time I would be able to take the photos. If it were up to me? We’d be in there at 7:30 am when the light outside would be perfection. Did I mention it’s a glass house?! I think it works. Emily Gilbert is totally going to critique the hell out of it…

the music:

Calexico is one of those niche indie bands that everyone will tell you they like. Mixing the best of classic Tex-Mex music with some down-home indie rock, Calexico has mutated from one sound to the next without losing their authenticity or their Arizona roots. It’s been a wild ride.

Calexico members have had their share of indie rock greatness while in Giant Sand w/Howe Gelb and in forming the great Friends of Dean Martinez. This EP shows off their musical chops. Especially in this SPOT-ON rendition of the Love classic 1967 track.


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