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the photography:
i spent this weekend (much like last weekend) eating my way from one dinner party to the next brunch, to the next restaurant, etc. i am going to live on lettuce and water chestnuts for the next year. too much bread, butter, and ribs were ingested this weekend and i need to get out and about. but it sure was fun. i did get s snippet of time where i wasn’t eating my day away on saturday afternoon so i hopped the damen bus down to wicker park for some bookstore shopping and leisurely strolls with one of my friends. divine. and boy did i need the exercise.

getting out and and about for me means cruising the city streets with my friends and family. i could ride a city bus or hop on a train at any given moment and get myself lost for hours. it’s something i enjoy doing and inevitably, i find something to aim my camera at.
the music: this song precedes one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever (color me impressed) and in the great “rock and roll album centric music listening experience”, this song gets you ready for it. i miss the days when albums were meant to be listened to in song order or (gasp) to be listened to in order by the sides of the record.

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