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Back in the saddle…

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the photography:

It’s been exactly 3 years, 3 months, and 1 day since I left my position as Staff Photographer and Staff Photo Editor at A lot has happened in that amount of time. I will try to list them briefly here in no particular order:

– Archibald (Archie) Brian Fitzsimmons Merritt was born
– I’ve helped launch 4 new vehicles for Subaru of America while traveling to Iceland & England
– My photography helped launch a ton of Sharpie Products since 2012
– Hefty and Reynolds Consumer Products have used my lifestyle photography extensively
– I shot multiple photographs that were included in Doug Sohn’s Hot Doug’s The Book
– I’ve discovered less hair on my head and more gray hairs within the amount that is left

I guess it could be worse.

I started this blog as an outlet years ago to broadcast the work I was creating that did not have a place to live. It was a landing for any photo projects, fine art, and photography that I started and wanted to show off. I named it “I am a working artist…” because I wanted to relate to people that being an artist in the real world meant that many times your creativity needed to take a back seat to your production and technical expertise.

Unless, of course, that you are being bankrolled. That would be awesome.

I strive to reopen this part of my career. This blog will once again stand as a creative outlet, a portal, a creative abyss, a photo dump…

Make art. Make Art. Make. ART.

the music:

I have followed this band’s career since the late 90’s when two musician friend’s introduced them to me during my last few years of college. The bass, guitar, synth, drums, midi-triggers attack of this three piece intrigued me to no end. I have always want to make as much noise as possible with other musicians in the same way that these three friends do it. Sebastian is also one of the best drummers I have ever seen. Period.

hanging in a garage – lifestyle product photos

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the photography:
these are some test shots from a print campaign shoot i did a few weeks ago. the client was looking for worn hands and an industrial feel. Scooterworks in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor was the perfect location. rough, dinged, scrapped, scrubbed, metal, wood, oil, grease, you name it, this room had it. i couldn’t have imagined a better spot if i tried.

the shoot was based around an industrial professional who worked with his hands. we made sure to not make it look like he was a DIY’er in his basement but more along the lines of a machinist or a industrial metal worker. the set of hands you see above were from a scooter mechanic who unfortunately didn’t make the final spread but was kind enough to let me test shoot his hands.

the final two shots are of a scooter lift (red metal table top) and of my gear set up around for the shoot. i will always spend money on gear that is unbreakable no matter how heavy it is. my tripod was purchased more than 8 years ago to house my 4×5 portrait camera and boasts aluminium construction. it can extend to over 9′ tall and really fit any job above 2.5′ tall. if i was spending my days backpacking through the Andes i’m sure i’d worry more about a lighter rig but my goodness does this bad-boy do the job right.

and for any of you up and comers out there who are looking to do more studio work, there are two things that i always use… ALWAYS. 1) Photo/Video Sandbags 2) A-Clamps. you’d be amazed at what they can be used for (and even sometimes in tandem). i recommend going to your local hardware store for the A-Clamps as you will save more than $5 a clamp and you should head directly to the photo store/online for the Photo Sandbags. if you can make the sandbags yourself? more power to you. you always want to get the sandbags sewn down the middle that will flop over the leg of a stand to create a solid base for anything you are holding up, especially lights and backdrops. the last thing you want to do is drop a hot 20 lb. light onto the floor or even worse, onto a model. you probably shouldn’t let that happen.

also, if you look closely, you can see a number of dunkin donuts cups littered around the set.

it’s true, ian runs on dunkin.

the music:
“often referred to as the punk rock pirates of the math rock world”
– Touch and Go website

wow. formed from members who were/are in Rodan, Crownhate Ruin, Codeine, Hoover, Him, Shipping News, Rex, Sonora, the band June of 44 truly was a super group made from angular guitar riffs, precise drums, repetition, and odd lyrics. its a beautiful mix of everything i love in indie rock. and c’mon, best band name ever? pretty close.

with a repeated chorus of ‘Take Down Your Art’ these guys really do want you to edit yourself, lest you wreck yourself. i’m guessing i have a ways to go before i can critique the art world at large… you should listen to all of June of 44’s records. do it now!