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the photography:
street photography to me is something that i enjoy doing more than any other kind of photography. as i have stated before, plop me in the middle of a city with a bus pass and my camera and i’m a pig in mud. here are some shots from around the loop and all the way out in logan square. the “effort” is not ironic. it’s the name of the skateboard company. these three photos were taken with my favorite two lens’, the bicycle and light in the parking garage were taken with a 24-70mm 2.8 zoom, and the skateboard pic was snapped with a 15mm fisheye. there’s something about a harsh florescent light bouncing off a parking garage cement floor that gives off the air of something sinister and creepy. i really like the ambience in that photo. the bicycle was chained across van buren from cal’s liquors just outside a taco shop.

it’s a great example of someone keeping an antique in tip top shape. i always wanted to stop whomever owned the bike just to ask them if the lamp worked. the paint job was in great shape too. the skateboarding shot is from a gray rainy day at the obelisk in logan square. james needed to get out of the house and i needed to not be in the fort for the day. it was a perfect stop before we went out to eat at el cid on milwaukee.

the music:
matt pond is from the same part of the country as i am and he’s the first singer songwriter that has captured the modern rural new england drive to live somewhere other than where you grew up. the pull of new york city and boston is so pleasing at 18 and by the time you’re 24, going home is all you can think about. it’s a gorgeous song about seeing family, laying in lakes, and relaxing. it’s what i want to do almost every day (if only someone would pay me to do so…).

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