50 Portraits – 5

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the photography:

Portrait #5 is kelsey.

some people bring out the best in me. my subject for this post does just that. i think of kelsey as the slightly younger brother that i never had. we communicate much like siblings, in snippets and in pop cultural references. i like to introduce kelsey to music he’s never heard, and he likes to call me out when i’m full of bull. we work really well together. it’s especially good since kelsey and i have travelled by car to detroit and back to chicago more than 4 times in the last two years. lots of beef jerky was consumed on those road trips. he’s one of the great and interesting people on this earth. and his love for instant noodle bowls will never die. just multiply.

the music:
somebody please help me. i am addicted to this record. i now currently own the instrumental version as well as the normal version with vocals. will the insanity ever end? for crying out loud… just try to pry it out of my cold.. dead… hands. sorry. it’s just too good. this specific song is more than 13 minutes of melodic guitar, fantastic (in the truest sense of fantasy) lyrics, and every time you think it will end, they change the beat and build it back up again. sigh….

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